Professional, Accurate, and Insightful.

Professional, Accurate, and Insightful.

We provide accurate and insightful tax analysis for our clients.

SM Consulting is a tax consulting office in Jakarta and Tangerang with more than 40 tax consultants, providing tax consulting and payroll management services for more than 7 years. Tax consulting services that we provide are in the form of tax compliance services, tax audit assistance, and tax review services.

Whether daily advice, monthly compliance or annual income tax return, SM Consulting has the people, skills, and experiences to effectively manage your company taxes. We offer business point of view that is in line with relevant tax regulations to leverage your company value.

Why We Are Different?

A team of professional and certified.

Expertise in the field of taxation and finance.

Experienced in Tax and Payroll Services for more than 6 years.

The tax work we

Tax Compliance, Tax Reviews, Tax Consultation, Bookkeeping, and many more.

Payroll services we
excel at.

Payroll Processing, Payroll Software, Payroll Implementation, Payroll Audit, and many more.


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