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Payroll Implementation

Payroll Audit

SM Consulting specializes in Article 21 income tax and offers comprehensive payroll services. We prioritize privacy and confidentiality, customizing our services to fit your organizational structure and needs. From payroll processing to implementing payroll software, we handle the entire payroll cycle, including the printing and administration of payslips.

How It Works


Gather Information

To comprehend your current payroll setup and how you manage payroll data, we will clearly define pay dates, cut-off dates, and all other essential dates. We will ensure the completeness of all documents and review the processes that cover your payroll activities.


System Set-Up

Configure the payroll program settings, including the list of employees, bank accounts, tax rates, marital status, social security, etc.


Sustainable Tax Calculation

In the event that our payroll transition process occurs mid-year, we will initiate tax calculations anew, commencing from the beginning of the year to be recalculated.


Payroll Processing

We collect the essential payroll data for processing according to the schedule. Subsequently, we will process and dispatch the requisite reports for your review and approval. The payroll reports include Payroll Reporting, BPJS via SiPP Online, BPJS via e-DABU, and Employee Income Tax Calculation.