Tax Compliance

SM Consulting offers thorough tax compliance services, covering the analysis, preparation, and reporting of Income Tax and Value Added Tax returns. We handle the preparation of Individual Income Tax Returns and/or Annual Corporate Income Tax Returns.

Tax Review

Examining the potential taxation of financial transactions allows taxpayers to enhance tax management. Our Tax Review Service includes assessing Withholding Income Tax, Value Added Tax, and reviewing all taxes for year-to-date transactions.

Tax Consultation

We offer guidance on Indonesian Tax Regulations from our perspective and interpretation. Our consultations provide systematic and structured explanations for easy understanding, covering:

  • Day-to-day tax matters
  • Corporate and Individual Income Tax
  • Employee Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Withholding Income Tax


Bookkeeping is crucial for startups or established businesses, providing insights into profitability, ongoing support, and timely advice. Our services include the preparation of Financial Statements and Accounting Review.

Tax Audit

SM Consulting assists companies in tax audits by:

  • Offering consultation throughout the tax audit process
  • Engaging in discussions with tax auditors
  • Identifying corrections/findings by the tax auditor and preparing arguments

Tax Objection

We help clients if they disagree with findings in the Tax Assessment Letter from a Tax Audit by:

  • Drafting objection letters
  • Compiling supporting documents
  • Communicating with tax authorities

Tax Appeal

We assist clients who disagree with objection decisions from the Directorate General of Taxation by:

  • Drafting appeal letters
  • Responding to appeal summaries
  • Compiling documents and evidence
  • Serving as Legal Counsel in the Tax Court

Reconsideration Support

We help clients who disagree with Tax Court appeal decisions by:

  • Drafting a letter requesting review
  • Preparing necessary documents and evidence

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Our Transfer Pricing Documentation services cover all your documentation needs, including:

  • Master File (MF)
  • Local File (LF)
  • Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR)
  • Benchmarking

Company Establishment

With our all-inclusive packages, you can be confident that every stage of your business establishment process will be handled with professionalism and accuracy.

Deed of Establishment, SK Kemenkumham, Tax ID & Company Registration Certificate (SKT), Business Identification Number (NIB), Standard Certificate, Occupational Safety and Health Certificate (K3L), Location Permit (SPPL), Self-Declaration Letter, and Company Profile from the Directorate General of Law and Human Rights.

Assisted Clients